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Irvin's Updates
What I've been up to.
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23rd-Feb-2008 04:34 pm - We're Rolling
I'm so proud of my gf right now. She and her crew are shooting her sci-fi short in our bedroom right now and she's such a confident, commanding presence as a director. She's really doing what she's meant to do. Her cast and crew seem to love her almost as much as I do. My job is basically cooking for them all and we're all well fed so my job is done for today, but I can hear her rolling on, "action" and "cut", sometimes punctuated by laughter. She's not paying one of them, so you know they're all doing it for the love of the material, her awesome script about a lonely divorced man in an overcrowded, distopian future. It must be going well because occasionally I'll hear "I love it!" after a take, and she's very tough and exacting. Maybe I'll post some production stills soon. I better go take some!
25th-Dec-2007 12:40 pm - X-mas card 2007

My gf and I created a new Christmas card comic this year, with me drawing the ever pompus 3-D Santa and she the irrepressible Stick Figure Santa. She's also the force behind the very awesome bsg_comicses so it's always great to work "in association with" her.

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26th-Jun-2007 09:22 pm - MoCCA Pictures for all to see!
mocca art fest

MoCCA Fest Flickr Set everybody! The new exhibit hall on the top floor really opened the place up and gave it breathing room. An enjoyable vibe permeated the place. Right now I'm feeling so inspired to take my place on the other side of those tables in the future!
18th-Jun-2007 06:22 pm - Pink Five
Just writing to make sure that none of you missed the latest installment of the Pink Five saga. What’s Pink Five? It started with a 4 ½ minute Star Wars fan film that won the coveted George Lucas Selects Award in the 2003 Star Wars Fan Film Awards…and I was lucky enough to attend. Since then, the same creators have released 3 sequels parodying the rest of the Star Wars films. They’ve gotten longer and had better production each time, but sadly the next one will probably be the last one since they’ve already stretched their parody of Return of the Jedi out to 2 volumes, and chronologically speaking there’s nowhere else to go.

I think you have to create an Atom Films account to view these, but that’s free and something you should do anyway.

Here are the links to the 4 parts already released:

Pink Five
Pink Five Strikes Back
Return of Pink Five Volume 1
Return of Pink Five Volume 2
Prospect Terrace 3

Providence Superior Court

I finally finished uploading my pictures of our Providence trip in March. The Providence Collection is on Flickr here and there are sets for the RIDS Museum of Art and for the walking tour of Lovecraft's College Hill that I dragged everyone on. Also on the tour were my gf, ctegan, ludens99 and Scott. We all had fun since Providence is such a beautiful old city and it was such a nice day. It really was like going back in time -- it was ancient even in Lovecraft's time. I found the walking tour at the H.P. Lovecraft Archive and it was originally created for the attendees of the 1997 NecronomiCon in Providence. I've included the text from that tour to describe the pictures I took of the stuff we saw on it, but I took plenty of other pictures of the city...93 in all! In short, I got to feel a small piece of the inspiration old Howard Phillips must've felt by being raised there at the turn of the last century.
3rd-Apr-2007 02:23 pm - New Comic: "My Birthright"
This is a 2-page story I did for Bony Landmarks #3 which is soon to be released. And if there's any doubt, it's as nonfiction as my memories of being a 4-year-old will permit.
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2nd-Mar-2007 12:05 am - Providence!
I get to spend a 3 day weekend in Providence, RI with my GF! We're going to attend a function at Brown University but I'm really looking forward to exploring the city, especailly since I'm such a Lovecraft freak. I've heard too many great things about the place that it can't help but be awesome!
27th-Jan-2007 07:19 pm - New Gibraltar inking test

These are the characters in a 10 page story I'm drawing (the first in a series) written by andrewlfs. I'm still penciling it, but I wanted to try out some inking techniques to see which way to go with it.
25th-Dec-2006 01:58 am(no subject)

I decided to post the Christmas card comic that my gf and I made this year. I draw and write the always pompus 3D-Santa, while she's the force behind Stick Figure Santa. We're just not into traditional greeting cards, or traditional anything for that matter.

I hope everyone's Christmas is behaving merrily.

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10th-Jun-2006 03:10 am - Rabbits and Alcohol

Here's my entry in the latest Dada comic project undertaken by the Look For Signage Art Collective. The theme this time: Rabbits and Alcohol, with a requirement that all 5-7 panels be square. Yes, this actually happened to me. Let's just say I've never had a problem getting in to bars. The Dada part of this is that all the entries are to have their 5-7 panels shuffled and laid out Dada poetry style. I will link to the final experiment if and when it is presented online.

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